We are a deep tech boutique working in Geospatial Big Data.

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Statlogic is a deep tech company based in Bangalore, India & Dubai, UAE with sales affiliates in St Gallen, Switzerland, Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. Our core expertise is in geospatial, big data and middleware technologies. Our proprietary middleware platform is capable of blending disparate datasets including satellite imagery, IOT, weather, drone imagery and other classical data sets such as socio econometric data to generate timely, location specific decision insights. We are one of the early adopters of Decision Intelligence framework which combines the intelligence requirements of our customers with their intelligence processing capacities. The capacities include Framework Proficiency, Intelligence Access and Decision Proficiency in the geospatial context.


Gathine is the enterprise data manager built on Hadoop for handling complex geospatial datasets. It accelerates ETL and makes all types of data available on demand for business intelligence and compliance audits. It provides connectivity to all repositories, accelerates backup and archival, and facilitates easy retrieval of data for all users. Gathine fuses data streams so that enterprises can quickly get on the path of deriving intelligence that drives their decision making process.

Vega brings Machine Learning on top of Gathine. As a self service ML stack for Geospatial Data. Tightly integrated with Gathine, Vega works in tandem with the middleware so that enterprises can embark on their AI journey quicker.

DeepLearning is Statlogic's new initiative in ML for the IOT industry. An IOT device is located physically on a map and therefore a geospatial story. We are creating new frameworks in IOT ML so that next generation devices are sentient in the network.


AI in Aviation

Statlogic in association with SAP Co-Innovation Lab is building SkyAI, an ML driven environment to predict and mitigate safety incidents in a controlled airspace. Being built for a national aviation regulator, SkyAI is the Decision Intelligence solution that will unlock the value hidden in their data. Solution blends the latest in machine learning technologies to build smart decision-making systems.

Bigdata from Space

Statlogic's data fusion platform is used by a leading satellite data analytics company to manage their data workflow from ingest to delivery of insights.

LoRa based Animal Trackers

Statlogic is foraying into IOT with a focus on Agriculture and lateral industries. We are building the next generation cattle trackers to continuously monitor livestock behaviour. The tracking data enables livestock owners to make precise and timely decisions that are of high economic importance such as accurate breeding time, on time diagnosis of diseases and enabling pay per use insurance.

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