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for smallholder dairy farmers

About Us

We are a deep-tech company developing artificial intelligence (AI) driven solutions in the field of animal husbandry and dairying.

We are empowering Indian dairy farmers and the stakeholders of dairy co-operatives with farmer-centric data-driven decision making ecosystem.

Nandi is a bovine identification platform that offers Aadhar like identity for every bovine through animal biometrics for developing an effective animal traceability platform

By utilizing the advancements in artificial intelligence and Blockchain, the platform has the potential to drive operational efficiency, provide decision support and develop a sustainable value chain for smallholder dairy farmers.

The platform can address some of the arduous challenges faced by the stakeholders in stray cattle management, animal disease traceability for effective vaccinations & disease control, pedigree management for genetic improvement of cattle and facilitating livestock trading and cattle financing to smallholder farmers.

Government Departments

Facilitates effective vaccination drives to ensure biosecurity & creation of disease-free zones.

Reduced leakages in welfare schemes.

Enhances operational efficiency in offering extension services.

Milk Marketing Federations

Verifiable records and traceability open premium market segments and increases export value of dairy products from disease-free zones.

Dairy Farmers

Ease of access to cattle financing (insurance & loans).

Increased income from sale of premium verifiable disease-free products.

Cattle Financing Institutions

Reduced fraudulent claims, loss ratios and reduced verification costs in cattle insurance leads to increased profitability.

New methods of credit assessment model increase penetration of cattle loans.

City Municipal Corporations

Permanent, cost-effective, and scalable method of cattle identification to track ownership of stray cattle.

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Won the first place in one of Animal Husbandry Startup Grand Challenge 2.0 themes. Nandi has been selected under the category “Development of cost-effective animal identification and traceability technology”.

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